At SkinMD, we recommend Skinade to many of our patients. It is supplied in a pre-mixed drink or sachet. 90-95% of the nutrients are absorbed PRE digestion, hit the blood stream in the mouth and stomach, and are then carried to the skin. The nutrients support the skin’s health. It hydrates and moisturizes, improves radiance and clarity, corrects oil production, boost collagen and elastin, decreases inflammation, and decreases pigmentation and redness. Skinade can help address the following concerns: fine lines & wrinkles, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and reduced downtime after cosmetic procedures.

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Skinade has 35 calories.

Skinade has a peach & mangosteen flavor. No artificial colors or flavors.

Active ingredients: marine collagen, calcium ascorbate, MSM, Vit B complex, organic flaxseed oil, and L-lysine.

Drink one per day. It is recommended to drink daily for 3 months, then switch to a maintenance program of one every other day to maintain skin health and vitality.

Skinade retails for $150/ month.

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